People will go where they
don’t believe they can go,

if they
believe in
the one who
leads them.

Who believes in you?

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TD is an in-demand executive coach, leadership consultant and speaker. He combines his 30+ years of executive leadership experience with a powerful coaching technique to sharpen character, clarity and competence through value-based intentional growth to meet vision-based goals.

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Courage isn’t the absence
of fear.
It’s the conquest of it.

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The Anthrax Crucible

This story opens up with a topic that is very contemporary and very controversial – mandatory vaccinations. Especially today, with the workforce in flux and facing new requirements amidst a deluge of conflicting and confusing information, it’s crucial that leaders wield every skill in their repertoire to successfully navigate their teams through uncertain times.

Beyond the Rules

Operating under the rules is safe, but exploration beyond them is where all discovery originates. A bold leader’s goal should be to lead like my wife Barbara cooks – understanding the recipe well enough to know when and how to depart from it.

A Recipe for Bold

Bold isn’t fearless. Fearless doesn’t exist in the sane, rational leader. Courage certainly does, but courage is different. Courage isn’t the absence of fear. It’s the conquest of it. In fact, in my experience bold isn’t homogenous at all. It’s a complex mix of sometimes competing traits. A good analogy this time of year is…

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